Lawn Damage done by Grubs, Sod Web Worms and Billbugs

Do you have multiple dead patches in your lawn? Patches might be the size of your fist, 3’ or even over 10’ in diameter. These areas usually resembling a camouflage pattern. Often you can grab the grass in these patches and lift it up like a welcome mat.

As you walk on the grass do tan colored moths fly out in front of your feet. These are Lawn Moths and they grow up to ¾” in length. You might also see spider-like webs in the grass, especially when morning dew collects on them. These webs are made by Sod Webworms that are the larvae of Lawn Moths.

Have you seen beetles or bill bugs in your lawn or on concrete areas?

There are 8 varieties of beetles in south eastern Wisconsin. It is the larva (grubs or babies) of these insects that eat your lawns roots.

The insect damage is more obvious from spring to early summer and then again in late summer to fall when there’s more rain. It’s hard to see damage in the middle of summer because the grass is not as green so it damage blends in.

In order to stop the damage from becoming worse, insecticides must be applied.

Preventative measures are the best choice! They usually take only 1 application. They are less expensive, more effective, and last longer. On the other hand, curative treatments often take 2-3 applications.

Treatment can start as early as May.

Some of these insects become active in June, some in July others in August or even Sept. Some grubs have 3 generations in 1 year; others have 1 generation every 3 years. Grub applications do not kill most ants.

Depending on weather and what happens on adjacent properties, your lawn might need a preventative treatment each season.

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For the best price insecticide applications should be done during the 1st weed & feed route.

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To Whom It May Concern: Integrated has been taking care of my lawn and landscaping for 14 years. On both sides on my yard you can clearly see the property line by the contrast between my neighbor’s disastrous grass and my picture perfect lawn. There team is always friendly, polite and nothing but smiles.

Marilyn Hanke

I am 84 and could not have continued living in my home of 52 years without their help. Yard work and other chore just became too much. Rik and his guys are always on time and they clean up so nicely.

Rita Garcia

What a difference 2 days makes! They came in and ripped out my old bushes and plants. After putting in new plants and applying weed and feed to my lawn every month, my backyard now looks like a TV commercial.

Jack Liebner

They started working for my mom and when I saw how great her lawn started looking, so I got their number. They took care of my Crabgrass, Creeping Charlie and Wild Violet. I tried it killing it for years.

Tom Jacobson

He walked around my yard with me, listed to my problems and then offered me several choices. They worked with me, doing the jobs one at a time over the season so I could afford to do everything I wanted.

Mr. & Mrs. Jakubovich

Rik, the owner, talked me out of spending a lot of money on a job that I would have had to spend hours working to keep up every weekend. They did something much more manageable for less than half the cost.

Abby Kazmierski

They did my yard while I was at work. When I came home my jaw dropped. It was beautiful. I couldn’t stop staring at it. Thanks guys.

Leon Washington

My name is Shawn Kim. I used to think of landscapers as being any guy with a pickup truck full of shovels and rakes. When I have questions, he will explain EVERTHING to me. Often telling me about studies done by universities and the Department of Agriculture. Now they work on my property about once a month. Two of my neighbors now use them.

Shawn Kim

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